SN Servicing Corporation

In business since 1987, SN Servicing Corporation (SNSC) delivers quick and flexible mortgage loan servicing solutions for owners of loans and real estate. SNSC executes on personalized and sustainable solutions for borrowers in all 50 states, while achieving fair risk-adjusted returns for the owners of the assets and their note investors and shareholders. With staff averaging more than 9 years tenure within SNSC, investors and borrowers can be assured that they are working with the most knowledgeable staff in the industry.

Since our inception, SNSC has serviced more than $10 billion in assets and 280,000 loans for more than 175 clients. SNSC specializes in re-performing seriously delinquent loans, including HUD/FHA, USDA and VA loans for investors. SNSC provides many solutions for borrowers that are experiencing financial hardship. The primary workout strategy is to re-perform the loans through loss mitigation options, allowing the borrower to keep their homes while creating the most value for clients. This servicing approach has brought SNSC and its affiliates extraordinary success.